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Your website is your online store front.

It needs to look pretty in order to impress the customers passing through. It is a direct reflection on the quality of your products or services. A crappy site tells people there is little value to be had, and they will likely move on. So yes, the design of your site is a vital part of your success. But it can’t do everything.

Your website content is the key to your online success

This is where you keep your customers at your store. The words on your site are what convince the customer that you’ve got the good stuff. The content on your website is also the only thing that will get your customers to crack open their wallet and buy from you. No fancy logo or shiny looking website could ever get a person to hand over their hard-earned money. Not a chance.

It has to be the content!

So if you want great content, you must have a great copywriter. If this isn’t a skill you possess (or desire to learn on my blog) then you need to hire someone. As luck would have it, I’m available!

But how do you know if I’m any good?

That’s easy. If you like what you read here, and you have been convinced of the importance of good content, then I have done my job as a copywriter. And I can do it for you too!

Just contact me now and we can discuss how to turn your website into a tool for increasing sales!


I know you are always taking a risk when you hire someone to do something, so I do my best to limit your risk. I offer unlimited rewrites until you are 100% satisfied. 


Paul B. Keep

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