Direct Mail

Junk Mail!

That is the first two words that come to everybody’s mind when they hear talk about direct mail. And I’ll be honest, most direct mail is exactly that–junk!

In fact, most direct mail pieces receive only a 2% response rate. That means that 98% of all direct mail is useless junk!

Why is direct mail so bad/how to be better at it

There are various reasons. But the 3 main reasons are these:

  1. They’re sent to the wrong people
  2. People are overrun by junk mail
  3. The writing is awful!

The one thing you can’t help is the fact that people are overrun by junk mail. But what you can do is make sure you are sending it to the right people. It’s all about selecting the right list.

How do I select the right list?

Selecting the right list is all about knowing your demographic, knowing their buying history and also knowing who to buy from. These are all things I can help you with when it comes time.

…Now let’s talk about the writing

You can find the right list and the right people. You can design the most eye-catching envelope. You can do almost everything right and still fail! Why? Because the writing is sub-par.

There was a time when the letter was a heartfelt, personal form of communication. Somewhere along the line that all changed. When people open a letter (even junk mail) they don’t want to read something that sounds like it was meant for thousands of other people.

Their name was on the envelope, so it should sound like it was written to them. It needs to be personal. It needs to be relevant.

…It also needs to produce sales

If you want to produce effective direct mail it needs to be more than just personal and relevant. That’s just the beginning. It also needs to appeal to their emotions while satisfying their logic. It must address all possible concerns while highlighting all the benefits.

Your direct mail piece must make them feel completely comfortable with buying your product or service without ever meeting you or handling the product themselves.

And oh yeah…it has to keep their attention too! No easy task. But don’t worry, because that’s why I’m here. I have the writing ability and industry knowledge to provide exactly this. Whenever you take on a direct mail project, you are a little weary of the outcome. It can be a pretty big investment and you want it to go well.

In an effort to put you at ease, and be more comfortable hiring me, I offer you unlimited re-writes. This way you are guaranteed to have something you are confident in before you pay me. I will also work with any designers you choose. When you hire me, it’s all about your success. Contact me for rates and information.


Paul B. Keep

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