The Copywriter’s Dictionary

Tell someone you’re a copywriter and you’ll get one of two reactions. Either they wont know what that is or they’ll say “Oh so you’re a word guy!” and they’ll start quizzing you with big or obscure words.

Let me be honest. I don’t have a huge vocabulary and I probably won’t say many words you’ve never heard of. Does that mean I chose the wrong profession?


In fact, not knowing big words helps. That way I’m not tempted to use any of them. You see a great copywriter doesn’t write to impress their english teacher. They write to produce sales.

Long sentences, complex thoughts and flowery language will kill the readability of your copy. Plain and simple. And if someone can’t get through your copy, how in the world do you expect to sell them anything?

The dictionary is filled with a lot of words you should never use in your ad copy. The copywriter’s dictionary is light, easy to carry and even easier to read.

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